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Hello and welcome to Cyber Curiosity! My name is Jon and I will be your tour guide today. Cyber Curiosity was created with beginners in mind, and a focus on attempting to create documentation for those new to the field and extremely curious about the wonderful world of Information Security, or IS for short.

During my years as an aspiring information security professional, I found myself constantly wanting to learn everything and anything about cyber security. So, in an effort to document my journey, and to create useful teaching material, I decided to create a number of different blog series to teach you, the reader, just enough to make you dangerous. With that being said, I am not responsible for any misuse of information disclosed on this site.

In the coming weeks, I will be releasing blogs for Amazon Web Services with a focus on Digital Forensics and Incident Response, and other random things I’ve learned such as tinkering with a few devices by Hak5.

This site is an active work in progress, but if you find yourself curious about topics not yet discussed here, or about general cyber security/forensics, do not hesitate to send me a message!

This site is something I do on my free time and in no way reflects the ideas of my employer, nor does it reflect the type I work I do there.

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